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Huckleberry Railroad

Despite the name, the Huckleberry Railroad is not a toy ride. An historic Baldwin steam locomotive pulls authentic wooden passenger cars over a standard track.

The train travels over a portion of the original Pere Marquette roadbed. The ride along the shores of Mott lake offers a lovely view and the possibility of seeing deer or other wildlife. During special event weekends (Christmas at Crossroads, Halloween Ghost Train, etc...) there are a variety of decorations along the track.

The train's name refers to the original Pere Marquette line which often traveled so slowly passengers could hop off the train to pick huckleberrys (wild blueberries) and then reboard the train before the caboose reached them. Today's ride is quite a bit faster and is one of the highlights of a visit to Crossroads Village.

If you have the Real Audio player you can view a 10 second video (92k). This also works in later versions of the Windows Media Player.

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