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1912 C. W. Parker Carousel

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Drop Cap 'A'merican amusement king, Charles W. Parker (1864-1932) manufactured the Crossroads Village Carousel at Leavenworth, Kansas in 1912. The acquisition of this beautiful carousel was made possible by a 1983 grant of $175,000 from the C. S. Mott Foundation and it has proven to be a colorful, exciting, and musical addition to historical Crossroads Village.  

The Carousel is 40 feet in diameter and is illuminated by 588 7-1/2 watt incandescent bulbs. Features include; 36 handcarved wooden jumping horses in 3 rows, a dragon chariot and four metal kiddie's ponies with a mother's bench. Many of the three sets of inner scenery panels are original. Music is provided by an equally rare Artizan band organ.

For many years this carousel traveled to county fairs, carnivals, and local celebrations throughout the Midwestern and northwestern United States and western Canada. From 1947 through 1978 the carousel found a home in Fairmont Park, Riverside, California. A private collector bought the carousel in 1980 and stored it in Michigan. On July 1, 1983 it was given a new lease on life when it reopened at its' permanent home at historic Crossroads Village. The Village is operated by the Genesee County Parks and Recreation Commission.

The carousel may be the queen of the Village park, but she has noble neighbors. The C. W. Parker Superior Wheel  and the Venetian Swings each have their own appeal. Tickets are sold at the ticket booth located at the front of the carousel building. Tickets for the Genesee Belle are also available at the ticket booth.