original poems by john allen

are you the one?

i've been just drifting through life
always looking here and there
not really seeking a wife
yet I find myself looking everywhere

i haven't met one in recent years
one who could steal my heart
one who pushed past my fears
a lover for a fresh start

then you came into my world
to shake me out of my shell
where i lay hidden and curled
awaiting my time in hell

under the sun's bright light
thoughts of you are never far away
as day drifts slowly into night
those thoughts never seem to stray

when the pillow cradles my head
i find myself thinking of you
when I lay in my lonely bed
my dreams are of you, too

is it possible you are the one?
the one I've been searching for?
is my lone journey finally done?
have I sighted the distant shore?

(originally titled 'the distant shore')

© John Allen March, 2006

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